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Logic, Algebra and Truth Degrees is the biannual official conference of the MathFuzzLog held in even years.



The fourth Logic, Algebra and Truth Degrees will take place in Vienna, Austria, 16 - 19 July 2014, in the context of Vienna Summer of Logic.

Programme committee: Matthias Baaz (chair), Arnon Avron, Agata Ciabattoni, Petr Cintula, Nikolaos Galatos, Lluís Godo, Rosalie Iemhoff, Nicola Olivetti, Hiroakira Ono, Kazushige Terui and Richard Zach.

Organizing committee: Agata Ciabattoni (chair), Paolo Baldi, Petr Cintula, Björn Lellmann, Revantha Ramanayake and Lara Spendier.

Invited speakers: Silvio Ghilardi, Melvin Fitting, George Metcalfe, Dale Miller, Dana Scott and Alasdair Urquhart.

Tutorials: Franz Baader and Vincenzo Marra.


The third Logic, Algebra and Truth Degrees took place in Kanazawa, Japan, 10 - 14 September 2012. It was dedicated to Hiroakira Ono in the occasion of his 70th birthday. There were 53 participants, 5 invited talks, 1 tutorial and 38 accepted contributions.

Programme committee: Hiroakira Ono (chair), Stefano Aguzzoli, Matthias Baaz, Petr Cintula, James Raftery, Constantine Tsinakis and Carles Noguera.

Organizing committee: Norbert Preining (chair), Katsuhiko Sano, Kazushige Terui and Shunsuke Yatabe.

Invited speakers: Rostislav Horčík, Emil Jeřábek, Daniele Mundici, Greg Restall, Luca Spada.

Tutorial: Félix Bou.

Web page of the conference


The second Logic, Algebra and Truth Degrees took place in Prague, Czech Republic, 7 - 11 September 2010. It was dedicated to Petr Hájek in the occasion of his 70th birthday. There were 67 participants, 8 invited talks, 2 tutorials and 35 accepted contributions.

Programme committee: Petr Hájek (chair), Antonio Di Nola, Christian Fermüller, Siegfried Gottwald, Daniele Mundici and Carles Noguera.

Organizing committee: Petr Cintula (chair), Karel Chvalovský, Petra Ivaničová and Milan Petrík.

Invited speakers: Arnon Avron, Félix Bou, Agata Ciabattoni, Roberto Cignoli, Ioana Leustean, Franco Montagna, James Raftery and Hiroakira Ono.

Tutorials: George Metcalfe and Vilém Novák.

Web page of the conference


The first conference was celebrated in Siena, Italy on 8 - 11 September 2008. The venue was College Santa Chiara and it was dedicated to Franco Montagna in the occasion of his 60th birthday. There were 65 participants. 8 invited and 29 contributed talks were presented.

Programme committee: Franco Montagna (chair), Roberto Cignoli, Petr Cintula, Francesc Esteva and Hiroakira Ono.

Organizing committee: Tommaso Flaminio, Brunella Gerla, Claudio Marini, Franco Montagna, Carles Noguera, Luca Spada and Elisa Tiezzi.

Invited speakers: Stefano Aguzzoli, Matthias Baaz, Xavier Caicedo Ferrer, Christian Fermüller, Lluís Godo, Petr Hájek, Kazushige Terui and Constantine Tsinakis.

Web page of the conference

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Steering committee

Since September 2012, LATD has a steering committee whose members are:

The tasks of the steering committee are:

  • Finding a place, a PC chair and a main organizer for the next LATD; deciding the dates with them.
  • Approving the composition of the PC proposed by the PC chair.
  • Approving the list of invited speakers and tutorials.
  • Advising the PC in any consultation they might have.
  • Listening to the community needs and proposals.