Contributed talks

The scheduled length of contributed talks was 25 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion.

Abstracts accepted for presentation can be found in the Volume of Abstracts. Slides can be downloaded from the Program section.

Accepted Talks

Stefano Aguzzoli, Tommaso Flaminio, and Enrico Marchioni Some categorical equivalences involving Gödel algebras
Eva Armengol, Pilar Dellunde, and Àngel García-Cerdaña On Similarity in Fuzzy Description Logics
Arnon Avron and Ori Lahav Kripke-Style Semantics for Normal Systems
Matthias Baaz and Oliver Fasching Gödel logics with an operator that shifts truth values
Libor Běhounek and Ondrej Majer Semantics of counterfactuals in higher-order fuzzy logic
L.P. Belluce, Antonio Di Nola, and Enrico Marchioni Gödel Rings
Leonardo Manuel Cabrer and José Gil-Férez Leibniz Interpolation Properties
Petr Cintula and Carles Noguera Implicational logics vs. order algebraizable logics
Lavinia Ciungu Probabilities on nuanced MV-algebras
Pilar Dellunde, Lluis Godo, and Enrico Marchioni On MTL algebras with an internal possibilistic state
Antonio Di Nola, Anatolij Dvurečenskij, and Ada Lettieri Loomis-Sikorski Theorem and Stone Duality Theorems for MV-algebras with Internal State
Antonín Dvořák, Petra Murinová, and Vilém Novák Intermediate Fuzzy Quantifiers and Their Properties
Patrik Eklund and Robert Helgesson An advertisement for Kleisli categories
Christian Fermüller and Christoph Roschger On Dialogue Games for Many-Valued Logics
Tommaso Flaminio and Antonio Di Nola On the hyperreal state space
Hector Freytes, Antonio Ledda, and Majid Alizadeh A Duality for Quasi Ordered Structures
Siegfried Gottwald Local Finiteness in t-Norm-Based Structures
Revaz Grigolia, Tatiana Kiseliova, and Vladimer Odisharia Free and Projective Bimodal Symmetric Gödel Algebras
Petr Hájek Some Theories over Łukasiewicz Logic
Zuzana Haniková On logics with truth constants for delimiting idempotents
Dana Hliněná, Peter Vojtáš, and Vladislav Biba Evaluating Many Valued Modus Ponens
Rostislav Horčík Minimal Varieties of Representable Commutative Residuated Lattices
Tomáš Kroupa Dempster-Shafer Degrees of Belief in Lukasiewicz Logic
David Kruml Constructing operational logics on non-associative residuated structures
Ramaz Liparteliani MV-algebras with constant elements
Ondrej Majer Non-safe Structures in Fuzzy Logics and Game Semantics
Yoshihiro Maruyama A Theory of Modal Natural Dualities with Applications to Many-Valued Modal Logics
Wilmari Morton and Clint van Alten Modal MTL-algebras
Sergei Odintsov Priestley Duality and Nelson Lattices
Milan Petrík and Peter Sarkoci Web-geometric approach to continuous triangular subnorms
Umberto Rivieccio, Félix Bou, and Ramon Jansana Varieties of Interlaced Bilattices
Hernan Javier San Martin and Jose Luis Castiglioni Compatible operators on residuated lattices
Mircea Sularia Bisymmetric Gödel algebras with special modal operators
Esko Turunen Paraconsistent Fuzzy Logic - A Review
Shunsuke Yatabe Toward a forcing model construction of H