Abstracts of all talks can be found in the Volume of Abstracts.

Tuesday, September 7th

09:30–10:30RefFranco Montagnan-Contractive BL-Logics
10:30–11:00Coffee break                          
11:00–11:30S5HájekSome Theories over Łukasiewicz Logic
11:30–12:00S5YatabeToward a Forcing Model Construction of H
12:00–12:30S5Dvořák, Murinová, NovákIntermediate Fuzzy Quantifiers and Their Properties
14:00–15:00S5Hiroakira OnoComplete Ideal Completions of Residuated Lattices and
Completeness of Substructural Predicate Logics
15:00–15:30S5OdintsovPriestley Duality and Nelson Lattices
15:30–16:00Coffee break
16:00–17:20S1George Metcalfe
Tutorial: Proof Theory for Fuzzy Logics I
S8Vilém Novák
Tutorial: Mathematical Fuzzy Logic in Linguistic Semantics I
18:00–20:00       Welcome party

Wednesday, September 8th

09:00–10:00S5Roberto CignoliWeakly Locally Finite MV-Algebras and Real-Valued Multisets
10:00–10:30S5GottwaldLocal Finiteness in t-Norm-Based Structures
10:30–11:00       Coffee break                          
11:00–12:30S1George Metcalfe
Tutorial: Proof Theory for Fuzzy Logics II
S8Vilém Novák
Tutorial: Mathematical Fuzzy Logic in Linguistic Semantics II
12:30–14:00       Lunch
14:00–15:00S5Agata CiabattoniSAT in Monadic Gödel Logics: (Un)Decidability Results and Applications
15:00–15:30S5Baaz, FaschingGödel Logics with an Operator that Shifts Truth Values
15:30–16:00Coffee break                          
16:00–16:30S5Aguzzoli, Flaminio, MarchioniSome Categorical Equivalences Involving Gödel Algebras
16:30–17:00S5Belluce, Di Nola, MarchioniGödel Rings
17:00–17:30S5Grigolia, Kiseliova, OdishariaFree and Projective Bimodal Symmetric Gödel Algebras
17:30–18:00Coffee break
18:00–19:00S4MathFuzzLog meeting

Thursday, September 9th

09:00–10:00S5Ioana LeuşteanLinearity Issues in the Algebra of Łukasiewicz Logic
10:00–10:30S5HorčíkMinimal Varieties of Representable Commutative Residuated Lattices
10:30–11:00       Coffee break                          
       Parallel session A                                                 Parallel session B
MV-Algebras with Constant Elements
A Theory of Modal Natural Dualities with
Applications to Many-Valued Modal Logics
On Logics with Truth Constants for
Delimiting Idempotents
S4Eklund, Helgesson
An Advertisement for Kleisli Categories
12:00–12:30S5Hliněná, Vojtáš, Biba
Evaluating Many Valued Modus Ponens
S4Petrík, Sarkoci
Web-Geometric Approach to
Continuous Triangular Subnorms
12:30–14:00       Lunch

Friday, September 10th

09:00–10:00S5Arnon AvronTruth Degrees, Relevance, and Paraconsistency
10:00–10:30S5KroupaDempster-Shafer Degrees of Belief in Łukasiewicz Logic
10:30–11:00       Coffee break                          
       Parallel session A                                                 Parallel session B
11:00–11:30S5Di Nola, Dvurečenskij, Lettieri
Loomis-Sikorski Theorem and
Stone Duality Theorems for
MV-Algebras with Internal State
S4Rivieccio, Bou, Jansana
Varieties of Interlaced Bilattices
11:30–12:00S5Di Nola, Flaminio
On the Hyperreal State Space
Paraconsistent Fuzzy Logic—A Review
12:00–12:30S5Dellunde, Godo, Marchioni
On MTL-Algebras with an Internal
Possibilistic State
Constructing Operational Logics on
Non-Associative Residuated Structures
14:00–15:00S5James RafteryAdmissible Rules and the Leibniz Hierarchy
15:00–15:30S5Cabrer, Gil-FérezLeibniz Interpolation Properties
15:30–16:00Coffee break                          
       Parallel session A                                                 Parallel session B
16:00–16:30S5Cintula, Noguera
Implicational Logics vs. Order
Algebraizable Logics
Bisymmetric Gödel Algebras with
Special Modal Operators
Non-Safe Structures in Fuzzy
Logics and Game Semantics
S4Castiglioni, San Martín
Compatible Operators on Residuated Lattices
17:00–17:30S5Fermüller, Roschger
On Dialogue Games for
Multi-Valued Logics
Probabilities on Nuanced MV-Algebras
19:00–               Banquet

Saturday, September 11th

09:00–10:00S5Félix BouFuzzy Modal Logics: A First Approach
10:00–10:30S5Armengol, Dellunde,
On Similarity in Fuzzy Description Logics
10:30–11:00       Coffee break                          
11:00–11:30S5Morton, van AltenModal MTL-Algebras
11:30–12:00S5Avron, LahavKripke-Style Semantics for Normal Systems
12:00–12:30S5Běhounek, MajerSemantics of Counterfactuals in Higher-Order Fuzzy Logic