On weakly cancellative fuzzy logics

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Franco Montagna
Carles Noguera
Rostislav Horčík
Title: On weakly cancellative fuzzy logics
Journal: Journal of Logic and Computation
Volume 16
Number 4
Pages: 423-450
Year: 2006


Starting from a decomposition result of MTL-chains as ordinal sums, we focus our attention on a particular kind of indecomposable semihoops, namely weakly cancellative semihoops. Weak cancellation property is proved to be the difference between cancellation and pseudocomplementation, so it gives a new axiomatization of Product logic and MTL. By adding this property, some new fuzzy logics (propositional and first-order) are defined and studied obtaining some results about their (finite) strong standard completeness and other logical and algebraic properties.